Divorce Law

Anna Williams is committed to a different approach to divorce law and divorce mediation. Her focus is to help her clients minimize the stress and turmoil of the divorce process and its impact on the children involved. She helps guide clients through their dissolution proceedings and related matters involving child custody law, property rights, child support and maintenance.

Every divorce is unique. Anna’s approach is to listen closely as you discuss your goals, concerns, and hopes for the future. She will respond with a customized plan designed to help you through the transition to life after divorce. Anna will provide you with personalized attention and regular updates throughout the course of your case. She will keep you informed so that you can make the best decisions about your case. Anna will advocate for you at every stage of your case. She will strive to obtain the best possible resolution of your dissolution case. Anna’s personal experience combined with many years of litigating in various courts prepare her to be an appropriate, thoughtful, and firm ally of yours when you must traverse turbulent life events.

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