Child or Spousal Support

Child support is not only an issue in divorces, but in other family law matters as well, such as parenting plan modifications, paternity, non-parental custody, and relocation. Child support cases are often complex and require advocacy of a knowledgeable lawyer experienced in establishing child support, modifying child support and enforcing child support obligations.

Anna Williams can help determine the appropriate amount of child support that you owe or are owed, as controlled by state child support guidelines. Child support is calculated primarily by determining the net income of both parents, which can be reasonably simple in the case of W-2 wage earners with no additional sources of income. However, it is more complex when a party is unemployed, underemployed, a business owner, or receives irregular income. To arrive at a fair resolution, you need a lawyer who will work to obtain the necessary documents that accurately establish net income.

Spousal support, also referred to as spousal maintenance or alimony, is based primarily on differences in income between divorcing spouses. Some of the factors that the Courts look at are the length of the marriage and the ability of the spouse requesting support to support him or herself and to live in the manner to which he or she is accustomed to living during the marriage. Anna can assist you in pursuing spousal support in your divorce case.

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