Annulment is a court’s declaration that no valid marriage ever existed and, like divorce, it terminates a relationship. A declaration of annulment can have a favorable outcome with respect to property division and spousal maintenance, and can have significant legal advantages over a divorce.

Annulment is possible when a marriage was not valid at the time it was entered. There are various factors that, if present at the time of the wedding, make the marriage invalid. Some of these factors include when one or both spouses: 1) was under the legal age; 2) already had another spouse; 3) was mentally incompetent; or, 4) was incompetent due to drugs or alcohol.

The process to obtain an annulment is complicated. The request must include all relevant circumstances and causes, and include provisions for any potential property divisions, alimony, or child care provisions. Documents must be served upon the court and the proper parties in a timely fashion according to the requirements of the law. Anna can help you obtain an annulment as efficiently as possible.