Adopting a child is an exciting and powerful process filled with dreams of growing one’s family. The process can be complicated – any misstep in the process can result in unnecessary delays or even a rejection of your adoption petition. Having a knowledgeable and skilled attorney on your side is critical to minimizing delays and ensuring a successful adoption.

Being an adoptive parent is different from being a legal guardian, in that a legal guardian possesses all the obligations of a parent, but the parental relationship still exists between the child and his or her biological parents. Adoption severs the tie to one or both parents and reassigns total parenthood to the adoptive parent. Montana law regarding adoption is aimed at keeping children with their biological parents when it is possible and in the best interests of the children. When this is not an option, the law strives to find permanent homes for children.

Anna Williams is familiar with Montana law regarding children and adoption, and her guidance and navigation can help and assist the process. She also offers limited-scope legal services, meaning clients can retain her for limited, specific legal actions, which can be more cost-effective.

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